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Five tips to help manage anxiety

1. Reach out for support.

Talk to a good friend, family member or reach out for support from a professional, you do not need to suffer alone. In the world we live in today there is always support a phone call or a click away.

2. The 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique.

Use this exercise to ground yourself in the moment.

The idea of this exercise is to experience something in your current place through all five of your senses, it is drawn from mindfulness and the belief that most things that cause anxiety are either events in the past or worries about events that haven’t happen yet. This exercise is designed to ground you in the moment.

What are:

5 things you can see?

4 things you can feel?

3 things you can hear?

2 things you can smell?

1 thing you can taste?

The number of things for each of the senses is only a guide, feel free to do as many as you think work for you.

3. Avoid or limit caffeine intake.

Caffeine can cause blood pressure and heart rate to rise which can cause anxiety. Caffeine also makes the symptoms of anxiety worse. Too much caffeine could lead to an increased state of anxiety which could even lead to a full-on panic / anxiety attack.

4. Write in a journal.

There are a few reasons why writing in a journal can help you manage your anxiety. First, getting the spiralling and ruminating thoughts out of your mind and on paper or on a screen can feel good. Also, taking some time in a quiet space with something to focus on can really help.

5. Exercise regularly.

Exercise will release endorphins which are known to make a person feel good. It also lessens the amount of stress-inducing chemicals that are being released. Furthermore, it can take the mind off of what is causing the anxiety and can even induce a meditation like state. Exercise doesn’t have to be going for a run or hitting the weights at the gym, it can be going for a brisk walk in the evening sun.

I hope you found these five tips helpful, for more information on ways to manage anxiety please take a look at the useful links I have added below.

Until next time, here’s to your best life


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