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Any career can be stressful and at times cause worry, as well as being inspiring and stimulating on other occasions. There are often times when new developments and changes can cause anxiety and nerves as well as causing excitement and a renewed hope for the future.  

Any of these events can affect a person’s career motivation & performance and at these times it can be helpful to talk to someone who is not connected in anyway to your employer.



Within a safe, secure and confident setting, I offer the opportunity to gain understanding and insight into the causes of work related stress & anxiety and to work together to develop ways in which these can be overcome.

The session can also offer the opportunity to work towards the career goals you desire.


Sessions last one hour and are available face to face, over Zoom, WhatsApp and telephone.


"I would highly recommend Tom. He is such a lovely person with a real skill for helping others. He is warm and empathetic, very approachable and understanding. He values each client and listens attentively."

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